Saturday, April 24, 2010

Keep On Going

In today’s world it’s difficult to make it through a day. Have you ever had to deal with tragedy, stress, and suffering? Well it has happened to me and I know you can “Keep on Going!” Education, wealth, and a person’s family heritages are all factors in how we think. How does one stimulate their own conditioning? I’m going to give you an equation so that you can understand what your DNA is for success and you’ll be able to do that in just one word. I’ll show you how to define your DNA. Even if a tragedy, with stress, and suffering at any level to you, you can survive it and “Keep On Going!”

As we continue the journey with you discovering your one word that describes your DNA for success and how to define it, I can’t emphasize enough how the formula can help you to survive a crisis and apply it to every aspect in your life.

Start thinking about your life and anything that may have happened that was a travesty and how could you have handled it differently if you had applied this formula to the situation.

I think everyone has something within them that they can draw from. Their inner core particularly will help them to fight. The one word that describes my DNA for success is TENACITY.

So if a tragedy, stress, and suffering happen to you no matter how big or how small, I want to share with you how to discover your own DNA for success, which is your one word working tool, how you apply your own DNA for success, and the five points which are actually your road map. You must know your inner strength when you hit a crisis. You must rely on and use that strength to overcome challenges. I knew my inner strength was TENACITY. This is what helped me to deal, survive, and come back to the living each time I encountered a crisis. Once you have discovered your own working tool you have to define it. KEEP IT SIMPLE! Five words, as an example, TENACITY is my working tool, however the definition of tenacity for me is BELIEF, FAITH, POSSIBILITIES, COMMITMENT, and INTEGRITY. This is the formula I developed and implemented. As I proceed, you will see how your DNA for success formula can help you survive and restore your life so you can “Keep On Going!” When you define your DNA for success in one word, you will have your working tool and when you define your five points that become your road map. You are now in position to go forward and break through the wall of passion without fear. You will then be working smarter - not harder.

Once I realized how simple the formula was, I took it to another level. I had to search deep inside myself to redevelop my faith that I would live and be a regular human being again. From there I began to think about possibilities. What I could do with my self? How am I going to fight back? How am I going to live? From there, I realized I had to make a commitment not to others but to myself. I had to reestablish a level of integrity that I had lived by all my life.

Archbishop Desmond Tutu spoke at the Clinton Global Initiative. His words left a lasting impression. God created us differently to know our needs for one another.

When I am interviewed, I search within myself and come from a level of integrity that I have always used both in verbal response and actions.

Begin to focus on rebuilding you inner strength, make sure your clarity is clear, and most of all, dignity must be restored and intact! The feeling of self possibilities truly spawns success.

When tragedy, stress, suffering, and hard times happen, don’t stay in the negative zone, instead go to your DNA word and pick one point to restart the positive process.

My goal with this blog and my own story is to motivate my audiences to face challenges head on, encouraging them to follow my DNA for success formula in order to reclaim their sprit and gain control of their lives. I hope to rekindle your fire of desire and determination.

We all must “Keep on Going!”

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